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What is Motivation?

Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role, subject, or mission, or to commit the neccessary resources and effort to attain a goal.

However large or small a company or business is, it is the employees or Team Members (at all levels) that can catapult or neutralize the entitiy's success This holds true not only for the people who are hired on a permanent basis, but also for project partners and or contracted service providers.

It is just as important to research the needs, drives, and expectations of people you hire, and aim at satisfying those, as it is to know and respond to the needs and desires of your customers.

JP LOGAN and Associates Business Coaching service motivates companies and organizations to run their businesses more effectively via the use of technology, sales training tools, employee assessments, etc.

The core motivations for starting the business nearly always include both monetary and nonmonetary primary goals. However there may be a discrepancy between the original goals and how the owner or C.E.O. is operating and running the business after having launched it. We are well able to help you evaluate your status, and assist you with the fast track of your business and or mission objectives.

We not only motivate the business community, but also cover the following:

* Small Business Coaching

* Time Management

* Sales Coaching

* Team Building and Management

We encourage the organizations to take the time to understand what motivates their staff, and how they can best be incentivized them.

We engae the process of encouragement by:

* Employee Assessments – Take the guess work out of hiring new employees by using our online  assessments. Make sure you "hire the right people for the right job".

* Sales Training Programs – Teach your salespeople how to find, connect with and close sales with higher dollar value clients. We teach you how to achieve higher profit margins by selling from the "top – down".

The factors that motivate you to start and grow a business can influence how successful you are. If you are driven by wanting to serve your customers and be good at whatever you do—and not so much by money or esteem—you’ll be much more likely to succeed in reaching your goals.

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