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Effectively managing your time is an excellent skill. It involves planning and exerting control over how much time is devoted to particular activities, with the goal of increasing effective and efficient output or productivity.

JP LOGAN and Associates Business Coaching Time Management training course is one of the most popular and effective training courses. You will learn effective time management strategies such as goal setting, task prioritization, and how to overcome procrastination.

We offer a variety of corporate training programs. Our Time Management program is designed to be delivered independently, or to complement any of our other Business Coaching programs. They are all fast paced, exciting and challenging, filled with excellent tools and systems designed to improve your skills and achievements.

Along with Time Management we also offer:

• Small Business Coaching

• Sales Coaching

• Team Building and Management

• Motivation

Through our time management skills seminars, participants learn how to plan their time and organize their time for their personal success. Checklists and deadlines don't have to be dirty words in your vocabulary.

You're not alone in your quest to get organized. You too will learn how to delegate, limit interruptions, keep clutter to a minimum, reduce your to do lists, and get more work accomplished each day.

The advantages of choosing our training:

• Incorporating established time management techniques

• Maximizing efficiency in the workplace

• Learning to prioritize and optimize

• Dealing with procrastination head on

• Building the confidence to say 'NO'

• Improving work capability long term

• Developing strategies to handle interruptions

Our Time Management Training can be tailored to the needs of your organization and delivered on site at a time and location of your choice, or you can attend one of our open enrollment courses at our location or virtually.

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